Excellent air solutions for residential and commercial spaces

Getting tired of the humidity, dust, smoke, and other air pollutants circulating around your space? Maintaining excellent air quality indoors is beneficial for the health and safety of humans and animals alike. Aside from harmful toxins you ought to get rid of, you should also keep in mind the aroma that lingers around your space. Here are effective air solutions for commercial and residential spaces.

Exhaust Fans

An excellent cooling partner for spaces that take in too much heat, these exhaust fans from Kaze help improve the ventilation in enclosed spaces like the kitchen and bathroom area. Exhaust fans also help remove any moisture that can cause extensive damages to your home.


As for kitchen spaces, opt for sleek and functional rangehoods from Hamden that are packed with modern features that allow a scent and stress-free kitchen cleaning. Aside from air quality maintenance, range hoods are also designed to remove steam, fumes, smoke, grease, and other pollutants that can cause foul odors around your kitchen area.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners

offer benefits that provide the ultimate comfort and satisfaction making it an ideal air cooling solution and a top favorite for every home and business.

If you’re looking for a worthy investment for your space, split-type inverter air conditioners are an excellent choice. Investing in an inverter type of air conditioner allows you to enjoy a cool space without worrying about your monthly bills. Inverter types are designed to save 30 to 50 percent of electricity making it a cost-efficient addition to your home.

Kaze inverter split-type AC has an ultra-high efficiency DC inverter compressor that can regulate the temperature and the unit’s cooling capacity efficiently. It is equipped with low-sound technology and a high-quality filter that helps keep and maintain clean air while allowing you to relax peacefully and comfortably. It is also designed to make your room cool faster and more efficient with its wide-bore air outlet.

Meanwhile, window-type air conditioners are ideal for small spaces with their easy installation and space-saving features. Kaze window type air conditioner comes with effective air-purifying filtration that reduces contaminants and bacteria for your family’s maximum protection and comfort! Its features include washable filter, convenient control panels, adjustable air swing indicator, high quality inner-grooved copper pipe, and titanium fin evaporator & condenser.

Kaze Window-type Air Conditioner

Electric Fans

Designed to achieve a cool and breezy surrounding, these electric fans from Kaze are one of the most versatile types of air cooling choices available. It comes in a wide variety of options where you can choose from portability or permanent installation. Electric fans are also economical yet highly efficient appliances that offer better energy savings.

Stand Fan:

Stand fans

are light and portable devices perfect for small yet spacious areas. Among its various advantages, it can be moved from one area to another with ease. From bedroom spaces to your patio outdoors, stand fans are a satisfying and hassle-free solution to your air cooling dilemma.

Ceiling Fan:

A space-saving choice of appliance, ceiling fans offer a wider reach of ventilation than other types of fans.

Ceiling fans

also add to the visual appeal since it comes with different styles and finishes that can complement your home interior.

Wall Fan:


wall fans

can be installed higher than many other fan types, it allows the air to flow throughout the whole area rather than being compressed towards a direct space. It is an economical option for cooling the whole space while offering a space-saving advantage as well.

Blower Fan:

This type of fan is designed to provide powerful and more direct ventilation targeting a small space.

Blower fans

have higher pressure that is beneficial for workshops and drying needs.


Kabe 16in stand fan


Tenjo 52in Ceiling Fan


Kabe 16in Wall Fan

, and

Burowa 10in Blower Fan

Industrial Fan:

Offering stronger ventilation,

industrial fans

are a bigger and sturdier version of floor and stand fans ideal for larger spaces. It also covers a wider scope making it the ideal type of fan for larger businesses and infrastructures.

Commercial Fan:

Large commercial ceiling fans are ideal for ceiling heights as low as 12 feet—the perfect airflow solution for cooling your commercial spaces. MacroAir has sleek design and custom color options of these fans to add to its appeal making them the most attractive ceiling fans for commercial spaces like gyms or restaurants.

MacroAir AVD370 Commercial Ceiling Fan

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