What Contributes To Weathering Of Rocks?: Effects Of Waves & Weather

What Contributes To Weathering Of Rocks?: Effects Of Waves & Weather




October 7, 2021



Answers To “What Contributes To The Weathering Of Rocks?”


– In this article, we are going to learn about what else contributes to weathering of rocks.

Rocks are as solid as they can be. For the longest time, rocks symbolized strength due to their toughness and hardness. However, even as strong as rocks are, they still weather much like all the rest.

But, what are the factors that actually inhibit or hasten the weathering of rocks?

Much like all things in nature, rocks are at the mercy of the weather. Rainfall, snow, waves, heat, and more, all contribute to its



In this context, weathering can be defined as a breaking down of an object. Rocks weather all the time, some faster than others due to several factors such as weather, temperature, and other external factors.

Here are some examples as to how weather helps the weathering process of rocks:

  • Raninfall and the change in temperature can hasten the rate rocks weather.

  • Chemical weathering is accelerated by higher temperatures and more rainfall. As a result, minerals in a rock buried in soil will degrade faster than minerals in a rock exposed to air.
  • Forces such as wind and water found in rivers and oceans move rock pieces. The process slowly breaks down the rocks into tiny segments much like sand and becomes sediments.

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