Barug-PDP Laban Violates Gathering Protocol During Presentation of Slate

Barug-PDP Laban Violates Gathering Protocol During Presentation of Slate




October 7, 2021


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Barug-PDP Laban Charged Over Violation of Gathering Protocol Amid Launch of Official Slate

The Cebu City local government has charged the Barug-PDP Laban after they allegedly violated the gathering protocol amid the presentation of slate.

Several netizens grumbled about the gathering during their whole slate presentation on October 5, especially since the city administration has always been severe in implementing crowd gathering limits. The function venue was packed, as evidenced by their live footage.

Masks were rigidly enforced, and regular reminders of social distance were broadcast. However, no marshalls were there to guarantee that the rules of social separation were respected.


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As a result, the Cebu City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has issued a show-cause order against Barug-PDP Laban and the club where their candidate launch was conducted. The show-cause order was issued when netizens complained about the party’s public gathering, according to Councilor Joel Garganera, the EOC’s deputy chief implementor.

Garganera is a member of the ruling Barug-PDP Laban party, but he was unable to attend the ceremony since he was in charge of the EOC. Regarding the event, Garganera revealed that Barug-PDP Laban had obtained a permit to organize a 100-person event.

The maximum capacity of the venue was 300, which is why the permission was approved. General Community Quarantine (GCQ) allows venues to hold up to 50% of their capacity or 100 individuals, whichever is lower.

Garganera could not personally verify if any health protocols were broken because he was not there at the event. Acting Mayor Michael Rama, he added, should be the one to explain what happened.

However, the councilor also urged the public not to rush to judgment based on the live feed of the event, claiming that the camera position may have shown overcrowding. The show-cause order gave the organizers three days to respond to the complaints and explain what happened.

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