Aerophone Instruments Examples, Definition & Uses

Aerophone Instruments Examples, Definition & Uses




August 26, 2021



What Are Examples Of Aerophone Instruments? (Answer)


– In this article, we are going to discuss what exactly are aerophone instruments and their examples.

There are several types of instruments used in music. Most of the common ones include string instruments like the guitar and violin. Meanwhile, some are more used outside mainstream music.

An example of this is aerophone instruments. These are any of a class of musical instruments wherein are is used to create vibrations in the instrument, which in turn, creates the initial sound.

Furthermore, there are subgroups to this instrument including:

  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Free-reed Insruments
  • Bull roarer
  • Siren

Meanwhile, bagpipes and organs are hybrid versions utilizing unique sets of pipes. With this in mind, one might wonder what exactly is the difference between aerophone and wind instruments.

According to an article from Britannica, Aerosol instruments are used to replace the word “wind” when an acoustically based description is needed. As such, the classification also incorporates the chordophone, the membranophone, the idiophone, and the electrophone.

Throughout history, the Aerophone has been used and well-documented. Based on historian Ardal Powell, the flute was among the first aerophones to have ever existed.

It was a simple instrument that found its way to many ancient cultures. Moreover, there are three archeologically verifiable origins that the flute could’ve possibly come from – Egypt, Greece, and India.

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