Dingdong Dantes, Yes Pinoy gear up for education-to-livelihood projects for riders

Actor Dingdong Dantes is grateful that his Yes Pinoy Foundation has survived a lot of challenges and now reached its 12th anniversary.

It has also partnered with the Hatid Dingdong Rider Professionalism Program, which Dantes shared about in his Instagram page last Saturday, Aug. 21.

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“The Pandemic did not spare the Yes Pinoy Foundation (YPF), but the challenges inspired us even more. We have observed how individuals volunteered their time, energy and resources to be of help to others,” he said.

Through the years, Dantes has seen how communities reach out to support the most vulnerable. He has also “witnessed the generosity overflowing from the Filipino people.”

Dingdong Dantes. Image: courtesy of Dingdong app via INQUIRER.net BrandRoom

Dantes stated that as part of a tie-up with Doorbell Technologies Inc. or Dingdong [trademark], YPF will delve into education-to-livelihood initiatives “by revolutionizing the delivery service industry through HATID DINGDONG: Rider Professionalization Program.”

“Our intent is to qualify high-performing freelance Dingdong Partner Riders into full-time, regularized Dingdong Fleet Riders,” he added.



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