Fathers celebrated in Inquirer Read-Along

Stories celebrating all kinds of fathers took center stage in the Inquirer Read-Along session held on Saturday with around 60 children attending via Zoom platform.

Held in partnership with Ang Pinoy Storytellers, the online program celebrated Father’s Day with actor Marco Alcaraz and professional storytellers Rich Rodriguez and Posh Develos.

Guest storyteller Alcaraz read “May Genie ba sa Bote ng Daddy ni Rocky?” written by Segundo Matias and illustrated by Ghani Madueño, which tells the story of two children with contrasting fathers. Together, they learn about the dangers of overindulgence.

Alcaraz said it is important for children to love their parents despite their differences.

Rodriguez and Develos from Ang Pinoy Storytellers read “Tuwing Sabado,” written by Russell Molina and illustrated by Sergio Bumatay III. It is about a young boy who visits his father in prison every Saturday.

Rodriguez highlighted the importance of giving fathers and loved ones second chances.

“Just because you made a mistake, doesn’t mean you should carry it forever. We still have many chances to change for the better and love again,” he said about the book.

Alcaraz said he tries to read books to his three children every night to teach them the love of reading.

“Reading is therapeutic for children, especially the stories we read today. The practice of storytelling will encourage the new generation to read, especially in this time when most of them are preoccupied with gadgets,” he said.

Saturday’s session was hosted by Inquirer Lifestyle writing editor Ruth Navarra-Mayo.

Launched in 2007, the Inquirer Read-along is a corporate social responsibility project of the company which aims to promote love of reading among children.