Watch: realme celebrates fatherhood in all forms in heartwarming Father’s Day video

In this day and age, fatherhood comes in various forms. There are simply no boundaries or limits as to who we can consider “fathers” in our lives. Whether it be our biological dads, or those who willingly assumed the role, Father’s Day is a chance to celebrate and give thanks for the impact they have had on who we are today, and who we will be in the years to come. 

This is what realme, the country’s no. 1 smartphone brand, aims to highlight in their Father’s Day video launched yesterday on their Facebook page. The brand pays tribute to the invaluable role of our fathers biological or otherwise, as they brave so many challenges to ensure our safety and well-being.

The video revolves on the experiences of a young girl and her father who, despite living with a disability, still ensures his daughter is well taken care of. In an unexpected twist, the video then proceeds to redefine fatherhood by putting the spotlight on the other father figure present in the girl’s life.

“Our fathers have always been an important part of our lives. Through this campaign, we want to celebrate and give thanks to our fathers, as well as our other father figures, for everything they’ve done for us,” shares realme Philippines’ VP for Marketing Austine Huang. 

Celebrate #InfiniteMomentsWithDad on June 19!

To make Father’s Day a lot sweeter for all the ‘fathers’ in our lives, realme is set to launch a Father’s Day Flash Sale on Lazada on June 19. During this special sale, well-loved realme smartphones will be available for purchase at discounted prices. The recently launched midrange game-changer, the realme 8, will be available at PHP 2,000 off for only PHP11,990 while the ever reliable realme C12 will be up for grabs for only PHP5,490. Avail of this one-day promo so you can celebrate and capture #InfiniteMomentsWithDad!

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