Dimples Romana to husband on their 18th wedding anniversary: We continue to overcome

Actress Dimples Romana reflected on her marriage as she and husband Boyet Ahmee celebrate 18 years of being married.

Romana enumerated the reasons that made living with her husband a peaceful existence, as per her Instagram post yesterday, June 13, where she also shared some of their couple photos

“Happy 18th wedding anniversary to the one who empowers me to be the best version of myself, the one who keeps me safe, the one who makes me believe that I can do anything, the one who taught me that even though I’m already a mom, I can and should still pursue my dreams for myself and feel no guilt doing so, the one who makes me look forward to coming home, the one who makes me feel most alive @boyetahmee,” she said.

She called Ahmee her “heart’s keeper [and] sanctuary,” and went candid as she shared that their marriage is “no stranger to pain.”

“We have gone through it, lived with it and continue to overcome it. Sayo ko natutunan na ang pagmamahal ay hindi ang pagiwas sa sakit (From you I learned that love is not about avoiding pain). Deep, true love is when you have found the one you can endure pain for and with,” she said.

“I’m glad we stuck to one another. For I know that all the pain our past has inflicted on us, made our love stronger, real and forgiving,” Romana stressed. “Our love made us feel more alive. It gave me purpose. It gave me courage.”

The actress and mompreneur said there’s one promise in life that she intends to keep, and it’s the one she made 18 year ago.

“I AM PROUD OF US. 18 years!” she said. “That’s one hell of a roller coaster ride and I’m here for all of it!” JB


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