Chynna Ortaleza speaks up on gut problem, body pains acquired during pandemic

Actress Chynna Ortaleza recently went through a gut problem which inspired her to take on a health journey.

Ortaleza revealed she had health issues she’s learned to face head on, as per her Instgram post yesterday, June 13.

“I am 86 [pounds] as of today. But happy that my gut is recovering and that I am free of joint pains [and] headaches,” she said.

“The past [six] months have tested me,” she added. “You know the saying, ‘Aim for progress [and] not perfection?’ Well… I have to keep repeating this to myself so that I can celebrate my small wins.”

Ortaleza weighed 109 pounds before the pandemic started. She calls it a “steady weight” after she gave birth to her second child.

“When the pandemic hit, all of us had to make really drastic adjustments. I noticed I would always have gut problems. Feeling acidic, problematic stools, dull pain on my side” she recalled.

Thus, she went through several tests and scans. All her tests were normal.

“But I did learn a lot of things about my body because of my food intolerance test that was facilitated by my team @lifesciencephil (No this isn’t a paid post. I am so grateful to them really! They push me to take care of myself.)” she said of her team.

The test later revealed Ortaleza’s intolerances which include gluten, dairy, eggs and corn, things she used to eat. She thus had to take all these out of her system in three to four months. She had to reprogram her body and eat what is right for her.

“So yup, that caused a drastic drop in my weight but at least I gave my gut the much needed pampering. Giving it probiotics, learning to masticate properly [and] trying to hydrate properly,” she said.

Ortaleza took note that aside from avoiding certain food items, she also needs to start building muscle. She now sees the effect of grief and post-traumatic stress disorder on one’s body too.

“I am in the thick of this so please be kind. I lost so many loved ones… and mourn for what we used to enjoy as beings. I have plenty of traumas that I am currently dissecting,” she said. “Most of the time what you see is never ever surface deep.” JB


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