[B-SIDE Podcast] Creativity and COVID-19 

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Recreate, a new TV show hosted by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Daphne Oseña-Paez, documents how artists, local businesses, and cultural institutions are persevering despite the pandemic.  

“There’s a lot of innovation in technology, there’s a lot of new businesses coming out … but it’s still a creative thought process that is driving all of these changes,” said Ms. Oseña-Paez. “People have the power to dig deep into themselves and use expression as a way to move forward.”  

In this B-Side episode she talks to BusinessWorld reporter Michelle Anne P. Soliman about the creative process and the importance of sharing human interest stories. 

Recorded remotely on May 31. Produced by Paolo L. Lopez and Sam L. Marcelo.  

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Recreate airs every Saturday at 6:30 p.m. exclusively on One News, available on Cignal TV Ch. 250 HD and Ch. 8 SD. It is also available for free on Cignal Play app.