Kris Bernal on June wedding cancellation: We need to prioritize health, safety of loved ones

Actress Kris Bernal may have been disappointed by the cancellation of her wedding day but she does not regret it, to protect the health and safety of her family and friends.

“The day I was supposed to turn from Ms. Bernal to Mrs. Choi and my supposed biggest day ever,” she said in her Instagram page yesterday, June 5, where she shared a prenup photo of herself with her fiance, businessman Perry Choi. “We were supposed to get married today.”

Bernal recalled carefully planning for her wedding, but it had to be rescheduled due to the surge of COVID-19 cases

“I remember it was April, when a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases happened and it reached around 12k or 15k a day so we decided to move our wedding instead. After careful consultation with our families, friends, and suppliers, it’s with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we had to move the wedding to a latter date because of the coronavirus surge,” she said.

Bernal confessed that she cried a lot while sending out cancellation messages.

“I think it was one of the toughest decisions that I ever made but we need to prioritize the health and safety of the most important people in our lives,” she stressed.

But Bernal is not completely brokenhearted. She announced that “the wedding is not entirely cancelled” but will just be “moved to a latter date” to prioritize the wellbeing of guests. She promised fans that in the meantime, she will be sharing more prenup photos this month. JB


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