Sisterhood of moms finds a platform

Moms are finding a space on TikTok.

One of the most entertaining shows for moms is watching other moms share their motherhood experiences. Moms live for this kind of sisterhood. It gives them comfort to see other women go through the same thing they are going through. It’s why comic Ali Wong’s “Hard Knock Wife” is so hilarious, because the horrific things she describes in her comedy are all true! It may turn off some women to motherhood but, for mothers, there’s comfort in knowing that the same feelings of pain, anger and weariness are all normal. This is also why the advice of Dr. Mirah Borja-Acosta during a recent Zoom conference, “#MomHacks: Making Motherhood Work Through Community Support,” was met with a lot of laughs and agreement.

“Ladies, don’t forget to take your bath. Take care of your hygiene,” the gynecologist said.

It is an obvious advice but a lot of women are guilty of putting their well-being after their children’s. That’s why moms need to be reminded of things that they should do for themselves. “Carefully plan your week or month ahead. Leave work at work. Disconnect after work hours. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your helper or husband. Order online and buy in bulk. Stay positive,” she said. Acosta’s TikTok account (@doctormomph) has over 125,000 followers. She uses the platform to talk about pregnancy, women’s health and her baby.


Dette Zulueta, founder of the Facebook page Millennial Moms PH, echoed what Acosta said. “Self-care is essential, but more than essential it should be nonnegotiable,” she said.

Zulueta also said that one of the favorite topics of moms on her page are ways to become an influencer.

If being an influencer mom is the dream, then Omni Larrosa is living the dream. She and her husband Bryce created TheClingyFam brand on different platforms.

They share their daily lives and quick tips to their audience. They are one family who actually orders food rather than cooks because they say it comes out cheaper. Of course, every family is different.

There are a lot of women like Larrosa who use social media to educate, while others use it to entertain.

The hashtag #MomHacks on TikTok is a mine of content for parents. Some of them are information you didn’t even know you needed.

You can find posts encouraging parents to keep their children’s first teeth. Stem cells can be harvested from them, they say, which can potentially be of medical use in the future.

A trending tip is heating a knife over fire and using it to slice through a resealable bag to distribute treats equally among children.

There are many easy, healthy recipes. There are organizing tips to clean a messy room. There are even activity suggestions for every age group.

But the most popular are hacks that moms upload for fun. For example, one mom shared that her bag has items that look like tampons and sunscreen. But what they really contain are spirits such as vodka. It’s something that she bought online and says can be used to pour on drinks while on the beach.

Moms are hardly the people you expect to find on TikTok, but they’re there. They’re dancing to goofy songs, posting videos of their children and sharing some life-saving tips, too.