SMDC’s vision, EDSA’s rebirth: SMDC gives EDSA a sustainable transformation

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In photo (from left) are SMDC’s Dominic Dorol, Fame Residences property manager; Michael Geronimo, assistant vice president for Product Development; Darwin Uy, assistant vice president for Planning and Engineering; Joseph Tolentino, Greenmist Property Management Corp. cluster head; Emman Repollo, Light Residences property manager; and Mark Christian Arana, project engineering manager.

SMDC’s dream of an EDSA rebirth is given new life on Earth Day 2021 with the launching of the Green EDSA Movement at Fame Residences in Mandaluyong City, which, by itself, provides that much-valued breathing space in this busy thoroughfare through its tree-lined walkway and a wide, welcoming lush façade. In addition, the property has energy-saving features: a detention tank for reusable water harvesting, motion sensors for common-area lighting and exterior curtain walls to allow natural light. Both residents and passersby enjoy natural light and ventilation and lots of greenery.

Envision a highway lined with greens, a variety of plants giving off fresh air in lieu of smog with spacious sidewalks where people can leisurely stroll and relish the cityscape. Picture urban space filled with cool splashes of mint-colored outdoor ornamentals against wood; sanctuaries of peace and quiet offering restoration to the wearied urban dweller’s soul during the daily commute.

Being situated at a major thoroughfare places people at the center of economic opportunities, but living sustainably requires a place where people can enjoy greenery and open spaces that allow them to breathe and provide opportunities for social connection. This is the same principle that has defined SMDC’s developments, starting from its EDSA properties, Sea and Shell Residences in the Mall of Asia Complex, where EDSA begins, to the central EDSA properties, Fame Residences, Light and Light 2 Residences, all the way to properties in North EDSA.


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