Non-Covid patients assured of safety during hospital consultations 

PATIENTS who are not infected with coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) are urged to continue their consultations in hospitals as they are assured that they will be separated from those with Covid-19.

In a media roundtable organized by Boehringer-Ingelheim on Wednesday, Dr. Helen Ong Garcia of St. Luke’s Medical Center said that despite the pandemic, more Filipinos have died of heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes and hypertension than Covid-19.

“Even in the perspective of the doctors, we are not addressing major issues that could impact mortality and morbidity in our general population,” Ong-Garcia said.

Ong-Garcia said that healthcare facilities have taken steps to assure their non-Covid patients that they will be safe against possible infection from the virus in hospitals as long as they follow guidelines and protocols.

“The hospital has extended efforts to separate the covid and non-covid patients… There are guidelines and processes on board because we do recognize we have to treat both…. As long as the patient will be educated on the processes that they need to go through,” Ong-Garcia added.