Karen Davila launches YouTube channel on Labor Day

Veteran broadcaster Karen Davila will soon be adding a new feather to her colorful cap as a communicator, and that’s of being a vlogger as she is finally launching her own YouTube channel.

Davila made the announcement on her Instagram page today, April 29.

“I have been putting this off for so long, for years actually and finally had the courage to do it! I have been in the broadcast industry for 27 years but am really just learning new things on YOUTUBE. I am a newbie. I want to enjoy it and hope to be a part of your lives in a meaningful way,” she said.

In her channel, Davila wants to share her “life, loves and dreams.”

“I also want to help you go through personal challenges, issues, difficulties. WORK IN PROGRESS pa tayong lahat (We are all works in progress),” she said.

In a short video she also posted, Davila shared that while she has spent so many years as a journalist, and although people may already look at her as a veteran, there is still much about her person that people still do not know, particularly matters about her family. She also said that when it comes to YouTube, she considers herself to still be a student.

karen davila ig
Karen Davila. Image: Instagram/@iamkarendavila

“I want you to be able to learn new things and I want you all to be able to love the Lord,” she added.

“Please let me know what topics you enjoy,” she said. “Kina-career namin ang first episode para sa launch of the channel on Saturday, kaya please mark the date. Makikilala niyo pa ako ng bongga or more sa MAY 1 Labor Day.”

(We’re really taking the first episode seriously for the launch of the channel on Saturday, so please mark the date. You will get to know me big time and more on May 1, Labor Day.) JB


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