Megawide Construction Corporation sets stockholders’ meeting via remote communication

No. 20 N. Domingo Street, Barangay Valencia, Quezon City
Tel. No. (02) 8655-1111


To the Stockholders of MEGAWIDE CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION (the “Company”):

Notice is hereby given that the Special Stockholders’ Meeting of the Company will be held on 21 May 2021, at 1:00 P.M. The meeting will be conducted via remote communication and can be accessed through the following link: Please click here

The agenda of the meeting is as follows: 

1. Call to Order 

  • The Chairman will call the meeting to order. 

2. Proof of Notice and Quorum 

  • The Corporate Secretary will certify that notices of the meeting have been duly sent to stockholders of record date as required by the -Laws. He will also attest to the attendance at the meeting and whether a quorum is present. Except as otherwise provided by law, a quorum shall consist of stockholders owning majority of the outstanding capital stock, (exclusive of treasury stock), in person or represented by proxy. 

3. Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation to Increase Authorized Capital Stock (“ACS”) for Preferred Shares. 

  • The increase in the Company’s ACS for preferred shares will be submitted for the approval of the stockholders. 

4. Other Matters 

  • The floor will be open for questions from the stockholders. 

All stockholders of record at the close of business on 12 March 2021 are entitled to notice of and vote at the annual meeting and at any adjournment thereof. The stock and transfer books of the Company was closed from the end of business day on 15 March 2021. 

Please refer to Exhibit 1” of the Definitive Information Sheet (available at the PSE EDGE website) or visit

for the full details on the submission of proxies, procedure for voting, participation in the Special Stockholders’ Meeting of the Company, and to view the Company’s SEC Form 17-A. 

Quezon City, Philippines, 28 April 2021.