If you don’t understand ‘God’s own time,’ take a look at a plant, as Chesca Garcia did

Most people learn their life’s lessons through experiences, but for celebrity mom and actress Chesca Garcia Kramer, she learned one from a plant.

Kramer revealed how her personal experience with a flower-bearing tree taught her about “trust and patience” as per her Instagram page yesterday, April 27.

“I asked our landscaper to find me this beautiful flowering tree named, Salingbobog or Crateva Religiosa. This tree is just as whimsical and [breathtaking] as a Cherry Blossom. What makes it extra special is that it is our very own native tree. And soon, this tree will display its splendorous flowers,” she said.

Kramer waited for two years to see the tree in full bloom, only to be disappointed.

“It was lanky, straight, and hardly had any leaves. Basically, it was boring to the eyes,” she observed. “Before [its second] year all [its] leaves fell off and it looked ghostly dead. I actually thought it was dying and toyed with the idea of having it removed. Suddenly, after a few days, the first flower started to bloom.”

Admittedly, Kramer forgot that certain trees have their flower- or fruit-bearing seasons, as well as seasons of barrenness.

“I was so fixated on its beauty that I didn’t want the ugly. I was so fixed on what I saw in pictures that I never considered that all things have a process and order to follow,” she said. “If I gave in to my impatience I would have missed out on seeing my tree display its beautiful flowers. I would have missed out on this unbelievable joy that I feel.”

chesca garcia ig
Chesca Kramer. Image: Instagram/@chekakramer

Kramer was then able to connect the process which the plant underwent to God’s will, saying, “We go through spiritual seasons to prepare us for what God intends us to do-so that we can blossom to be the person He intended us to be for his glory.”

“God doesn’t do things our way, but on his own time and terms,” she added. “And if we are patient enough to rest in Him we will reap the rewards of our faithfulness.”

Married to former PBA player Doug Kramer, Chesca has three children, namely Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin. JB


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