4 dead, 9 missing as ship runs aground

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on Wednesday recovered the remains of four crew members of a cargo vessel that ran aground near the Malimono shoreline in Surigao del
Norte on Monday.

PCG and PNP – MARIG continue their search and rescue (SAR) operations to look for other missing crewmembers. Photo from Philippine Coast Guard Official FB page

The PCG has also taken custody of seven survivors rescued by residents in nearby barangay (villages) but reported on Wednesday nine other crew members of the LCT Cebu Great Ocean are still missing.

The four fatalities who were washed ashore were identified as Norman Galon, who was found by residents in Barangay Balite, San Francisco; Mark Evan Cuesta, who was recovered in Barangay Mabua, Surigao City; and Michael Inoc and Jose Shewrwin Laniba who were both retrieved in Barangay Jubgan, San Francisco.

The PCG also reported chief mate Roger Polo, Arjie Bacarra and Joejie Villanueva were rescued at Barangay Balite on Wednesday morning and are currently receiving medical assistance at the Caraga Regional Hospital.

Noli Labucay was rescued at Barangay Cayawan, Malimono on Tuesday evening while Felipe Quebuen, John Renzo Guanzon and Junmar Galeos were found by local folk along the shore and were turned over to the PCG.

Search and rescue operations continued on Wednesday afternoon to look for the other missing crew members. A land mobility vehicle was also deployed to patrol the shorelines of Malimono and San Francisco.

A drone was also used to survey the waters in the vicinity.

On Monday, the PCG received reports the LCT Cebu Great Ocean listed and ran aground near the coastline of Barangay Cantapoy. Search and rescue units were immediately deployed to look for the missing 20 crew members.

Initial investigation revealed the cargo ship was loaded with nickel ore and contained approximately 2,000 liters of diesel on board.