‘Hero boats’ get ‘badge of honor’

BAGUIO CITY: Boats get to earn their badge of heroism too.

Dainty-looking swan boats deployed for a rescue mission to Cagayan in the aftermath of Typhoon “Ulysses” (international name: “Vamco”) in November last year were given “the badge of heroism” by the Baguio City Police Office, led by City Director Col. Allen Rae Co.

The small vessels were part of the Burnham Park fleet of boating concessionaire Vivian Celso, who wholeheartedly lent four of her boats (one swan and three pontoons) to Cagayan as her contribution to the rescue effort in the flood-affected communities.

While in Cagayan, the Baguio boats ferried residents of Barangay Anquiray and Barangay Abollo for their needs and doubled as a form of recreation for children, traumatized by the deluge.

Since the boats were returned to Baguio, these have been back in the still waters of Burnham Park lake, serving the recreational needs of park goers.