MultiSys, APPEND launch financial app to benefit 8.5 million microfinance members

Leading software solutions company Multisys Technologies Corporation and microfinance group APPEND launch AppendPay, an online system, and mobile application that will ease business processes and create seamless transactions for APPEND’s 8.5 million participating microfinance members.

AppendPay aims to expedite the process of approving and disbursing microfinancing of its members. Apart from providing them with a convenient and secure environment for their microfinancing and money transactions, the system will also encourage transparency within the organization and lessen human error.

“Apart from advancing technology to better service our members, AppendPay will help underserved sectors in the country through the promotion of electronic service inclusion. This will also provide additional livelihood opportunities in remote areas, and offer alternative and secure credit services,” said APPEND Board Chair Angel L. De Leon, Jr. “We commend MultiSys for their speed in expediting AppendPay. For that, they truly have become an important asset to our entire microfinance community.”

The launch of this mobile app strengthens MultiSys’ thrust to empower micro and small businesses with the right tools, innovative services, and reliable systems to implement advanced software solutions. Furthermore, it provides APPEND with a system that will automate and manage its membership acquisition process, as well as an eCommerce platform where members can buy and sell products, remit money, and sell online tickets.

“The current restrictions and fast-paced growth of micro and small enterprises in the country have created an opportunity for the technology industry to address their emerging need for more efficient and secure operations through advanced digital solutions,” MultiSys founder and CEO David Almirol said. “Through this collaboration with APPEND, we acknowledge every Filipino’s right to digital convenience and further our mission to make technology accessible to everyone.”

MultiSys continues to advance the digital transformation and sustainability of the microfinance industry, as well as businesses, government institutions, and communities, through its cutting-edge systems solutions and technologies.