Tanco Group strengthens digital pivot with Stitch

TAKING off from the gains of its technology-related initiatives, the Tanco Group has launched a new information technology (IT) firm, Stitch Tech Solutions, as an expression of the group’s commitment to its digital pivot.

Stitch takes on the business of cloud computing and data science that, together, have become buzzwords in the IT and business fields in the Philippines in the last few years. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated interest in the two concepts with data science being relevant in tracking and projecting new cases, among other things, and cloud computing serving as a key tool in work-from-home arrangements.

Prior to the pandemic, the group that owns the STI network of schools saw the potential of data science and cloud computing and how these related concepts can greatly contribute to the advancement of enterprises, through business continuity planning (BCP), and of the IT industry in the country. In fact, the STI network recently launched data science-related courses ‒ the first institutions in the Philippines to offer such programs in the college level.

The Tanco Group also made headway with the launch of PhilCare’s artificial intelligence-powered HeyPhil app a few years back. This eventually became a key element, leading to the company being one of the country’s most preferred health maintenance organizations.

“Integrating our businesses into having one IT backbone, aided by data science and cloud computing, is important because it enables us to become more efficient in our operations and provide the best customer experience possible. We have seen it work in one of our businesses. Now, we look forward to making it work even more [in order] that even more Filipinos would benefit from it,” Stitch Chairman Eusebio H. Tanco said.

“With Stitch now here, we also hope to advance further our existing technology-related endeavors to create an ecosystem that empowers even more people in this digital age,” he added.

Not only does Stitch aim to integrate the digitization efforts of the companies under the Tanco Group, but it also looks to empower micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in order that these can continue operating even amid the pandemic and natural disasters that frequent the country.

Stitch primarily offers cloud computing solutions such as Amazon Web Services, a virtual server that allows MSMEs to store and access relevant files and programs without the need to purchase physical equipment. These would enable MSME personnel to work remotely and efficiently even when they are away from their usual workplaces.

The company also offers SAP consulting services, which includes installation and technical support with regard to SAP applications used for accounting, inventory, human resource and other business functions.

“Perhaps one silver lining this pandemic has is the value of helping one another get up and move on with our lives as entrepreneurs and as individuals. BCP is important for MSMEs as it is for us. So, we want to empower them with tools to support that purpose,” Stitch Chief Executive Officer Jaeger L. Tanco said.