Outstanding Property Award London 2020 honors Golden Bay Landholdings’ world-class projects

Golden Bay Landholdings wins big at the Outstanding Property Award London (OPAL). OPAL seeks the most exceptional architecture, interior design, and property development projects from around the world. Aspire Corporate Plaza and Garden City was awarded winners in the property development criteria of the critically-acclaimed awarding body. This is the developer’s first international win.

Garden City, OPAL 2020 winner in Property Development Category – Mixed-Use

Golden Bay Landholdings’ COO Jardin Wong shares that he and the rest of his team are elated for the international wins. Mr. Wong reminisces on the rigorous process of perfecting both properties with their architectural partners, ASYA Design and WTA Design Studio. “We all put in the time and the effort to create projects that really go beyond boundaries. We are glad we went through that process. We really took time to understand our projects’ impact on the general environment and community around it,” Mr. Wong states.

Both developments showcase exactly what the OPAL panel was looking for: Outstanding projects addressing creativity, innovation, social impact, and sustainability while creating a unique cross-industry platform that unites experts and talents.

Jardin Brian Wong, Golden Bay Landholdings COO

OPAL’s panel is composed of 29 highly-acclaimed architects, planners, interior designers, and purveyors. They judge the entries based on the project’s own merit and not against other entries. Entries are evaluated on creativity, form, function, and a clear relationship between the environment and end users.

According to OPAL, creativity alone is not enough to take home to be recognized by their panel. “It needs to show useful function and provide a better living experience for its users, meeting the clients’ expectations,” they share. These are elements that are visible in the architectural structure, sustainable design, and overall experience of both Aspire Corporate Plaza and Garden City. 

Mr. Wong points out that the odds of a local boutique developer like Golden Bay winning internationally was unexpected, making the wins even more satisfying. For tenants and partners of Aspire Corporate Plaza and the future residents of Garden City, the choice to invest in a Golden Bay property proves to be a solid investment backed by the distinguished OPAL jurors. “Fastened with our commitment to produce world-class innovation and creativity, Aspire Corporate Plaza and Garden City are not just assets, they are a legacy,” Mr. Wong points out. 

Aspire Corporate Plaza, OPAL 2020 winner in Property Development Category – Commercial, Low Rise

While Aspire Corporate Plaza launched last 2020 and Garden City is still in the works, the OPAL wins show that Golden Bay Landholdings is here to make a mark on the global stage of design and development. Standing tall beside major firms from all around the world, Golden Bay showcases the ingenuity of Philippine talent and architecture. This win is a step forward for aspiring Filipino designers everywhere. 

Mr. Wong shares that he and his team are grateful and honored for the awards but they are certain that this is just the beginning. More award-winning properties are on the drawing board and in the pipeline for Mr. Wong, his team, and his partners. The OPAL win has recharged and inspired them to create more world-class developments for the Philippines.

“Golden Bay Landholdings will continue to dream of exceptional projects that addresses social impact, environmental protection, inclusiveness, and real world purpose,” Mr. Wong shares.