Royal Canin launches webinar series to kickstart puppies’ best life

Hosted by Stephanie Zubiri, the webinar ‘Royal Beginnings: Kickstart Your Puppy’s Best Life,’ was specifically for puppy owners with Meg Laudit giving some useful tips on how to puppy-proof the home.

Time flies when there’s a puppy in the home. But just like human babies, they also have a lot of learning to do especially in their early months – and this also goes for every pet owner.

With this in mind, Royal Canin recently kicked off “Start Of Life,” a Facebook webinar series about different stages and milestones of a puppy’s life. The first leg of the series, “Royal Beginnings: Kickstart Your Puppy’s Best Life,” was specifically for puppy owners.

Speaker Meg Laudit of Klondine Walker gave some useful tips on how to puppy-proof the home, from making sure that all cleaning supplies are stored in high cabinets or behind secured doors, to keeping sharp and small objects out of reach.

Veterinarian and dog owner Dr. Kitsie Torres explained how diet plays a key role in every dog’s development.

Singer-songwriter duo and dog parents of two adorable shih tzus, Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin, joined host Stephanie Zubiri to share tips on how to help a pet become more socialized, even mentioning that one of their dogs actually grew up with a Persian cat.

Dr. Ed Unson of Animal House Veterinary Clinic discussed interesting tips about the health and well-being of a new pup, sharing that owning a pet is a commitment and a responsibility.

On March 12, a webinar was also held for kitten owners titled “Royal Beginnings: Kickstart Your Kitten’s Best Life,” hosted by Janeena Chan with guests Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles.

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