The best public speaking training course in the Philippines

Dear Lloyd,
I have seen you speak during the weeklong celebration of the founding of our school. I have seen you twice during the face-to-face convention but this year, even if it is virtual, how do you manage to still keep your audience glued to your presentation? Is there a public speaking training course that I can join to be like you?

I can’t overemphasize how different the listening experience is now more than any time in recent history. To speak in front of an audience who you don’t see, feel and hear still gives me a weird feeling. Nevertheless, it’s not magic that helps a public speaker like me to still make an impact. A little training, a change in mentality and adjustments can do the work.

If you’re asking for a public speaking training course in the Philippines that you can take to be like me, I can easily point you to The Public Speaking Institute. It offers a 10-day certification program called Certified Public Speaker. It’s a uniquely crafted program that gives you more than just the insights, theories and principles of public speaking. It takes you on a roller-coaster ride of practical exercises, quizzes and evaluation activities that will break and, eventually, make you a public speaker who is ahead of the rest.

The truth is, we have been hearing and seeing hundreds of public speakers in the market today. What sets you apart from them should not be something you need to experiment on. Using my over 15 years of experience as a public speaker, I designed a program — in fact, a framework — that can help you “be like me.” Better yet, be better than me.

As you have seen on the internet as well, many training companies and self-proclaimed public speaker coaches offer learning sessions to learn the skill. Since I haven’t been to their program, I’d rather not say anything except that you must be extra cautious in selecting your training provider.

But how do you know it’s going to be the best public speaking training program for you?

The Public Speaking Institute certifies its students based on its proprietary intellectual property known as the Luna Public Speaking Framework — or simply, Luna Framework. It’s a Venn diagram which contains Character, Content and Competency. Their intersections are Story, Style and Strategy.

A public speaking course, which does not tackle a subject on character may fall short of its promise. As a student, you need to learn about yourself and the character you play for your audience. It starts by understanding the nature of your fear — stage fright — and how mastery can mitigate that fear. It also includes your knowledge on the oral communications loop as well as the essentials of public speaking. Embracing who you are is the most important lesson you need to learn when presenting in public.

Next is content. Once you know yourself and your speaking brand, you can start working on the content. Contents, which are not yours, are weak contents. You will need to shape your own contents — original and backed by either your own personal testimony or by research. I have seen a lot of speakers who simply borrow what they present. The sad part is realizing that you know more about his presentation than what he or she has presented or understood.

Third is competency. This includes your know-how of the public speaking tools, including but not limited to PowerPoint or Keynote. You need to understand the relationship of these tools and how they can help you more than they can do you some damage even before you realize it.

Most people hate lectures. Many speakers fail to understand their speaking style. Many speakers ignore a well-crafted speaking strategy. These concerns must be addressed, or your training program simply becomes a show where your training provider rakes the profit at your expense.

Let’s face it. Taking a more elaborate, comprehensive program designed by a seasoned public speaker gives you a better chance at learning the art of public speaking.

What I do isn’t magic. It’s a mastery of my craft, taking in mind the audience as my inspiration. Please go to and learn more about our public speaking training course.

Sgt. Lloyd A. Luna, PAFR, is the first registered speaking professional in the Philippines. He is a motivational speaker on leadership and best-selling author of Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership. He is the chief executive officer of Stepback, a leadership and culture development company that helps leaders and organizations see the bigger picture in life and at work. Visit his website or email him at